Amy Langston::
art for the deviant masses

art by Amy Langston

I've been an artist my whole life, my creations are everything to me. Lately my focus has been on bright statements.. I've also been doing artwork for bands and promoters.

From Amy's Online Journal:

"I don't want to spend another long and lonely weekend
by the phone without anyone to call
I've had a lot of time to think
and I'm so tired of thinking
I know why he put that bullet in his skull

I forgot how good it feels
to be part of a spinning wheel
supported and supported on and on
forget the judgement and the games
forget the shit talk and the shame
you will only be young for so long

I wish it could always be like this
something I've been missing
it's not too late to change what you've become "

Art by Amy Langston

Art by Amy Langston

Amy Langston
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