Carla Fache:
born in Santiago, Chile

Carla Fache was born in Santiago, Chile, on May 14,1977. Since the age of four, Artist Carla Fache, Miami Floridaher drawings reflected her creative mind, signaling her out from the rest of her peers. During her adolescence, her imagination exploded into a world of creativity, displayed onto the canvas. She translates her innate and original talent, through her strengths and passions, using her favorite color "RED". Surrealist art and the comics lured her into the art world, preparing her to discover her artistic niche in abstract modern art. Her mission is to allow the spectator to tap into his own imagination and exercise his freedom of thought and expression through his own interpretation.

Painting changed my life into a dream. Everyday brings a new challenge, a new goal to reach. When I paint, my canvas and I drift to another world. My imagination travels to non-existing worlds.

"To each and every one of my paintings, I give it all the love and devotion it requires to help it go out into the world. When I paint, my mind is hypnotized with colors and textures, all of which must satisfy me completely. Every one of my paintings has an important part of my being and Art by Carla Facheof my day-to-day life. Each one has its own personality and style. I feel I am evolving and growing everyday, both in my paintings and as a human being.

Painting is the faith within me, that endless hope that we as human beings carry through life. When I paint, all my senses come into play: my emotions, my eyes, my hands, my canvas, my ears... Iím in tune with myself, and all that surrounds me.

To me, painting is like having thousands of lovers (canvases); each one needs my all, and they all require sacrifices, patience, love and they all are very demanding, detail-oriented and critical; they ask to be given what they deserve and I grant their wishes. Through my paintings I express my sensibility, my strength, my intensity, and the sensuality within me.

When I finish my paintings I feel happy and satisfied with my work. The brush on the canvas is like caressing the one you love. Painting is my renaissance, my life, my stairway to heaven."

Carla Fache
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