Frances Giron:
chaos and destruction in one's life leads to creativity

Art by Frances Giron
Magic Potions (Above)

"...A woman sits at her bathroom counter. The ritual is time-consuming and familiar; the thought of questioning it unthinkable. A blackhead, laugh line, discolored tooth or stray eyebrow hair will send his attention elsewhere. But what if - after all of the scrubbing, bleaching, firming, hydrating and plucking - he looks elsewhere anyway?

The black background symbolizes anger at a promise broken, yet the paint colors – representing actual lotions and masks - are in and of themselves beautiful. A thick texture and impasto technique represent the multiple layers of lotions, potions, creams and elixirs smeared across a woman’s face, both a palette and a mask. A collage of commercial labels and used products, no longer fresh and stylish, mirror the jumble that crowds the woman’s counter - a costly investment with no guarantee of return..."

Frances Giron - From broken mirrors to used cosmetics labels to flame-charred sentimental keepsakes, I incorporate everyday objects in my art to explore themes of societal norms, gender roles, and male-female interactions; from a female-but not traditionally feminist point of view.

A Latina of Puerto Rican descent, Frances has lived primarily in New York City and Colorado. She has a B.A. in history from Creighton University, which also reflects her lifelong study of global politics and sociology, and an M.A. in special needs education from the University of Denver. Following graduate school, she worked with emotionally disturbed children, where she witnessed first-hand an environment where societal norms were challenged on a daily basis.

"Life is my school. Life is where I was trained and where my training continues." Key elements in my work are identity and equality-namely, questioning traditional-held beliefs that an individual should give up a sense of self or feel less than adequate, in society or in a relationship.

"Chaos and destruction in one's life leads to creativity." My work is intensely personal. I write poetry while creating my art. "The words I write I bring to life in my work through my hands."

Frances Giron
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RECENT SHOWS: "National Women's Exhibition - Spring 2003". Impact Artists' Gallery, March 4-28, Buffalo, NY.


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