i do not follow "isms"

Picchio Art DCWhen I apply my paints, I do so pragmatically. Nothing must be left to chance. I do not follow "isms" and I do not model myself on anything in particular ­ the picture which I envisage down to the last detail is all that counts. I never lose sight of the final result. My style is like my temperament, quick. Working with acrylic paints, which dry within an hour, appeals to my mentality. I prefer expressive colours. I constantly put new ideas down on paper. This leaves me with a great number of sketches, which are to be used sooner or later.

Sometimes it takes several days, before I can start on a painting. But once I have started, I work very quickly. I paint "wet on wet" and apply the paints to the canvas on top of each other and into each other, whilst still wet. This ensures that their brilliance and the marks of the pallet knife are preserved. By using this technique, the colours do not mix and the paintings exude rich shadings.

The order of the colours is very important to me. Because I use a lot of paint, which is applied very thickly, the pallet knife I use leaves a visible structure. The final result is reminiscent of the impasto technique. Many of my paintings and their themes are broken down by geometric shapes. An artistic perspective which divides visual impressions into segments. I refer to this technique as segment-art. Using an abstract style, I fill the canvas with intense emotions, thus transposing my visions, some of which are very expressive.

And so I transform my visions into abstract paintings, somehow expressive, exploring intense emotions on the canvas.

Now I have transformed my Segment-Art Style olso to Sculpture. I call it łART IN SPACE˛. I have created the term "picchiography" for fun ideas using calligraphy or graffiti. I do not use language to transpose visual pictures, but rather use words as paintings. It has slight overtones of pop art, but it's beautiful and it is food for thought.

As a speciality I paint collages or compositions, of products, components, applications and so on of a specific theme on commission.

One of my series is Art (about) work, which I call "Art()Work". It shows stylistic colorful clippings of the machine working process with steel.

As I made many macro-photos of mountain flowers in the Swiss Alps. I also produced a series of modern paintings with the impression of these wildflowers.

Picchio Art Washington DC

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