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JANUARY 27, 04 - re: This Old House Genre (TOH) - I love this show, but it has gotten so far away from its orginal concept that I now refuse to watch it!  This weekend (1/26/2003) the show covered the finishing touches which included exterior painting.  During the show it was mentioned that the painting and exterior stripping of paint exceeded $50,000 USD, my question is how many people out there would spend that much money on that portion of the project.  A conservative estimate on my part would be 1 in 5000, which I feel is way under the real numbers, so what do the other 4999 of us do.  LETS STOP WATCHING until they get back to the orginal premise of the show, fixing up the above average Joe's or Jane's old house!!!

re: Ask This Old House or - Here's the latest spinoff from PBS' This Old House.  On this show 5 or 6 craftsmen, contractors and tradesmen share their professional know how and experiences with everyday homeowners.  Supposedly, you the viewer, can send in home related questions either by email or snail mail and answer them.  I have sent in a few questions and not one has been answered!!!  You would think they would try to answer one question but what you get in return is an automatic reply (via email) and for your efforts they would like to extend you a special offer for a This Old House magazine subscription.  Am I wacky or what, or does this sound like a scam for TOH magazine and extra hits for their website!!!

BTW have you noticed a lack of minorites on TOH, I guess minorities do not have nice enough houses or talented enough tradesmen and contractors to showcase.  Mention this next time your local PBS channel is looking for donations.  "PBS made possible by viewers like you..."

JANUARY 20, 04 - re: NFC Championship Game - Andy Reid GORED it!  Like Al Gore 3 years ago, Head Coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles wanted to do it his way, results in Tampa Bay win, rumor has it he did not want to give away his championship offense before the Super Bowl...

re: Life Unscripted - the big brag by The Learning Channel, however, all participants wear the same outfits both days which makes for easier editing, but it's the awful careless things that go on in the cutting room that reveals when something was done or wasn't done ie:  they've just finished painting a room but no paint on their clothes, cut to next scene, shows room before painting but now they are splattered with paint.

The best one I saw was on While You Were Out - first scene TV is in it's place but cabinet is not painted, cut to someone walking into room (real time), TV gone and cabinet painted.  In one show they actually spend $1000 USD, for a room makeover and you can never figure out what they spend the money on!!!  Not only that but it always seems to come down to the last minutes of each and every show, amking one think this IS scripted.

Besides, one title should cover it all:  SUPRISE BY DESIGN WHILE YOU WERE OUT by TRADING SPACES, 3 shows, 1 idea wearing thin = life unscripted brought to you by the Learning Channel

Like the 60's All Over Again - Straight Hair, Bell Bottoms, Hip Huggers and a Casual Cool Attitude for Her.  Sound familiar, sounds like the 60's but all brought back to life.  Not only does style and clothing look retro, but check this out, Vietnam War and now Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Peace Protesters against the Vietnam conflict had locals grumbling about supporting the troops and the President during the time of war, sound familiar?  Here's another familiar theme, Civil Rights from the 60's versus the Patriot Act of today, which some say lessens your freedoms...  For all those history buffs check out Lenny Bruce versus Howard Stern.  Don't look now but the most evil thing from the 60's is just right around the corner - it's called HATE.  HATE has again been unleashed, there are some out there that just look for a reasons to HATE, and now they have it.  Here's a few highly hateable current events, Arabs in general, the Pro-Choice debate and same sex Marriage.

Going in the right direction - hope so - and can't wait till the relative calmness of the 70's returns... PEACE

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