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Art discovered by Sculptor JOROKOwww.JOROKO.com - This statement is scripted towards my latest works the “Building Series” which was discovered in 2001. I say, “discovered” because no artwork is made, it is revealed, found or discovered.

My sculptures are based on portraits that assimilate the figure and buildings of a post-industrial age. This assimilation stands erect but house nothing but emptiness and chaotic construction inside. These shells of wood, plaster and steel are the remnants of a functioning and living structure that resides in the imagination. The surfaces are rough and torn with caged windows reveling the oily-black interior of each sculpture. Each dilapidated structure is constructed near life size or larger while working in the peculiar fabrication of mixed media.

Films such as Metropolis, Brazil and City of the Lost Children portray such tactile imagery that it consumes its audiences leaving a mark on their visual sense. My sculptures are base on this exact principle. Like Bacon I delight in the palate of the unforeseen. While referencing Louise Nevelson’s construction process and the working style of the Abstract Expressionist I combine elements of the Egyptians and the Cubists in order to find a form that is familiar and all its own.

While there is and underlining conceptual theory that plagues each sculpture I prefer to play favorites to the amazing aesthetics in each piece. On this foundation each piece pulls and tugs the public eye and brain until they are forced to explore every line, every hidden crevasse and every oily drip of these fabricated works.

Joroko was born in 1976 on an isolated farm in Kalamazoo, MI. Three years later he was taken to Denver, CO where he came in contact with his first crayon, and he ate it. Joroko quickly developed a gluttony appetite for the hors d’ oeuvres of art. In 2000 Joroko received his BFA, with an emphasis in sculpture, form the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Which earned him an invitation into the MSCD Honors Exhibition. He has since relocated to Baltimore, MD to further pursue his intense career as a peculiar-isolated artist. Joroko’s sculptures have been featured in numerous exhibitions in the Denver-Metro area, and reside in private collections throughout Denver CO. The Baltimore-DC area has also begun to explore and purchase his stunning-visual sculptures. To be continued…

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