Kelly Billette:
creativity is an objective truth that cannot be taught

Art by Kelly BilletteMy father is an automotive engineer with a talent and interest in wildlife art. Thus, I possessed an innate talent both in abstract and representational painting / drawing that was evident since early childhood. This talent continued to flourish throughout the years.

In adolescence I had studied art informally at the local Bay City Library. Subjects ranged from the early masters to modern day abstract/ new age art. Upon graduation from high school, I was honored to receive The Kathy Behmlander Memorial Art Scholarship, in memory of the late Kathy Behmlander, a vibrant artistic young woman who had unfortunately passed away in her senior high school year.

I began my formal art education at a local community college and later transferred to a four year university in Saginaw, Michigan to complete the academic equivalent of a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Work by Artist Kelly BilletteThroughout my college years I became increasingly disillusioned with "higher" art education and resolved myself the philosophy that "creativity is an objective truth that cannot be taught," and that "education may instill false notions within an individual that will actually stifle creativity." This brought me to this conclusion: Building an education does not promote creativity, but tearing an education down is a good start.

Kelly Billette’s prints combine the precision of technology with the emotional implications of abstract painting to create a paradoxical art. The colors and forms of her work are variable, some contain sharp lines and shades of gray, others organic shapes and bright blues, reds and yellows. The titles of her works are also variable and vague, leading to viewer to consider the works. Billette’s surfaces are smooth and impenetrable, provoking questions about the authenticity of an art that was created as part of a reproduction, a piece of a series which was not intended to be a unique experience but rather a universal one. Billette’s egalitarian medium reflects her philosophy of non-academic art. She is interested in presenting work, which destroys rather than affirms an art canon. Billette has pursued her artistic vision since childhood.

I am a life long compulsive visionary and all of my paintings follow the same thread. They begin with an unplanned line that represents a road or course that leads me into a mind journey. The line develops into forms that are ambiguous, then may explode and evolve into new forms, like energy changing forms.

My style may be somewhat similar to Joan Miro's or Paul Klee's in that it is direct and unplanned. Yet it differs in that the subject matter is produced entirely by the subconscious. The second it becomes a conscious effort, the integrity of the work is lost.

Kelly Billette
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