Kim Park:
creative recovery

Art by Kim ParkIf you have seen my website, that may give you insight to my painting. I am working on a Creative Recovery program to incorporate art, nutrition, and fitness into an addiction program. I really believe in art as an a way to externalize the internal. I've lived it. Experienced the benefits of it...especially in the last year. The women I teach are going through many different emotions and I try and help them to focus on one particular. Or on many. Something I do in my own painting as well.

I am almost done with a new series that I am putting up on my website. It's the most meticulous series I have done thus far. Since I am an emotional painter and things were fairly tumultuous the last year, my painting reflects that. Now, things are quiet and my paintings are starting to reflect that as well.

So, let me know if this is along the lines of what you are looking for. I have a few shows coming up in Upstate NY and have recently had a piece of literary work published. It's all such an exciting time. ( below is an excerpt from ARTICLES )

"...After the physical angsts began to wane, I realized I had made it almost two weeks. I had actually challenged myself to only stop for a short time. I soothed myself by saying that "maybe when I go on vacation, I can drink" or "maybe if I get out of this rut, I will be more responsible with it". But, the challenge grew. I challenged myself to make it one more day, one more week, and finally one more month. Up and down went my emotions. I fought with everyone. I could turn into a nasty, cranky woman at the drop of a hat. I cried...I screamed...I became so angry. Yet, I was doing this all sober. I was testing all these emotions that I had hidden behind alcohol for so long. And man, was it a roller coaster. One that I actually didn't want to get off.

...In my darkest hour, I pulled strength from myself. Not my family, not my job or my friends. I had them there for support, but I had written the assignment. I became less dependent on other people for my happiness and started creating it. And that translates to happiness all over. My family has started listening to the words I've always had. My paintings reflect the artist that I knew I was. I even find myself humming silly songs that I never realized I knew. All those amazing attributes that I deserted for the sake of one more drink. And now, I battle the same battles---because the pain still exists....but, it's all so vibrant and real. And it's more learning than it is resisting. It hurts, but it goes away. And in it's place I am able to bring reason and enlightenment. Which in turn, brings an obscure happiness to my life. "

Creative Recovery by Artist Kim Park
Thanks for the interest, again. It means a lot.

Kim Park
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