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Latin Arts:
since may 2005

    Latin Arts, this art by Paul Sierra
  1. Artrujillo Gallery - To share the beauty of art with the masses by providing a “house of culture” for experienced and budding new artists, allowing them to grow and learn from each other, enabling them to share their talents with the community and helping them to realize their full creative potential. ArTrujillo opens its doors to everyone regardless of political, religious, or ethnic background. Our mission is accomplished with several tools including educational programs, workshops, exhibits, concerts, and other live performances.
  2. Lino Budano - born in Forlì (ITALY) on 11.03.52. A Medicine and Surgery Graduate. I live and work in Piacenza, Via Lanfranco 28 - Italy. During the course of my long activity (over 30 years) as a painter, a digital graphic and lastly I'm searching my path as a sculpture; the enamels used in the 80's, the acrilics at the beginning of the 90's together with the digital experiments were no longer sufficient for me.
  3. Anchise Picchi - is a Tuscan artist. He was born in Crespina (Pisa) the first of March 1911 and lives and works, very near, in Collesalvetti (Livorno, Italy) as sculptor, painter, engraver. He finished his course of studies at the Artistic High School and at the Belle Arti Academy in Rome, thought painting in Sienna (Italy) and in Salonicco (Greece) during some years, but eventually decided to come back in his native land to devote himself entirely to the art, his real vocation.
  4. Victor Selleri - most of my production is oil on canvas, about 20x28 inches of size. The "Little Rags" is only a part of my production. I showed it in my site because I thought that those little paintings were interesting not only for themselves but for what they implied: a critical issue about some art that can originate from chaos. Unfortunately the title can be misleading because somebody may think about something without any value that you discard.
  5. Paul Sierra - born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to the United States in 1961. I received my formal art training at The School Of The Art Institute of Chicago. Although I grew up in Cuba, my artistic and emotional links to my Latin roots are intertwined with the influence of North American art and culture.
  6. Claudio Parentela - I'm an illustrator and a cartoonist and I'm very active in the international underground scene. I collaborate around the world with many zines and magazines of art and comics, I've illustrated poems of: Mark Sonnenfeld, Gary Sneyd, Shannon Colebank, Lisa Massei, Vittorio Baccelli, Michael Kriesel, Gavin Burrows, Cristiano Quadalti. The last year I was guest of the BREAK 21 Festival in Ljubljana-Slovenia.
  7. OBED GOMEZ - a contemporary Latin American artist whose passion for life and art are vividly seen in his colorful pieces. Gómez was born on October 24, 1966 in Santurce, Puerto Rico. From a very early age he demonstrated interest in drawing. At the age of 11 he began to take private art classes. Soon he entered the League of Art of San Juan where he expanded his knowledge in drawing and painting. Four years later, he began art classes at the Adrés Bueso Academy of Arts
  8. JULIO MATEO - Cuban born artist, My paintings come to be through a paradoxical, almost antithetical combination of absolute spontaneity of execution (they tend to happen all at once, without fussing or changes) and a long period of preparation where I consider all about them before painting them in a flash.
  9. Soraida Martinez - Puerto Rican artist who is known as the creator of Verdadism, a form of hard-edge abstraction in which paintings are juxtaposed with social commentaries. Soraida was born in New York City and is also a graphic designer specializing in corporate literature.
  10. Carla Fache - born in Santiago, Chile, on May 14,1977. Since the age of four, her drawings reflected her creative mind, signaling her out from the rest of her peers. During her adolescence, her imagination exploded into a world of creativity, displayed onto the canvas. She translates her innate and original talent, through her strengths and passions, using her favorite color "RED".
  11. Massimo D. Zilioli - Turin, Italy, I was born in ' 53, in Turin (Italy), but I consider myself an Italian stateless person. At the age of 19 years I take the sea, beginning to furrow the blue of the world with the uniform of official of the Italian merchant marine, and under - activity, amatorial and not, like astrologer, painter, musician; for last the activity of goldsmith with which I stop sailing the seas of the world, I'm 40.
  12. Frances Giron - Artist & Poet, A Latina of Puerto Rican descent, Frances has lived primarily in New York City and Colorado. She has a B.A. in history from Creighton University, which also reflects her lifelong study of global politics and sociology, and an M.A. in special needs education from the University of Denver.
  13. Claudia Olivos - A painter ponders on issues regarding Latino/American identity I am moved to think about the ongoing debates about representation and identity in Latin American Art; I am moved to attempt theoretical artspeak regarding the marginalizing and appropriation of Latino images. It is my belief that there is a need for the redefinition of certain aspects and psychic contents in Latin American art, especially as these spring forth as a trend within current American culture
  14. http://brazilianart.nl - paintings and photos
  15. Osmel Fabre - Here I present my pictures. My own vision of photography. Landscapes, portraits, reportage, and something else. Enjoy it.
  16. julie zarate [six06.com] - houston artist whose works reflect the artistic influences of her artistic heroes and her mexican-american heritage.
  17. Hello I jsut visited your great site and I thought you may want to post this site that I found the other day , which is aligned with the other sites you have listed. Their address is www.mi-arte-es-su-arte.com Jessica
  18. El Coquero Here you will find carefully handcrafted coconut art and more by Leo and Elizabeth Negrón. Dubbed "El Coquero," Leo takes pride in creating works of art/artesania that represent his Puerto Rican culture, heritage and ancestry. Each piece is unique and rarley reproduced
  19. Bienvenidos a Artaina.com
  20. Stanley Coll - Puerto Rican painter of naive art who depicts simple everyday life in Puerto Rican society in his paintings.

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