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Maryland Film Festival:
baltimore 2004

Opening Night and Closing Night Announced


The Maryland Film Festival is proud to announce the Opening Night and Closing Night events for the 2004 Maryland Film Festival. Advance tickets for all screenings, including Opening Night, Closing Night, and All Access Passes are available through Mission Tix (http://www.missiontix.com). Tickets for Opening Night, Closing Night, and All Access passes only can also be purchased by calling (410) 752-8083. We do expect Opening Night and Closing Night to sell out.


Opening Night - 7 BY 7 SHORTS PROGRAM
Thursday, May 6, 8:00 PM, The Hall at Brown Center on the campus of MICA
1301 Mt Royal Avenue
Followed by the Opening Night Party powered by Red Bull

Tickets - $35 (includes the screening and the party)

Not all stories take 90 minutes to tell and 7 by 7 shows the diversity of the short film format with drama, comedy, documentary, animation, mockumentary, and musical genres all represented. Scott Calonico, Shawn Ku, Terri Edda Miller, Matthew Modine, Bill Plympton, and Matthew Thomas in attendance.

THAT DAY- Matthew Thomas
GUARD DOG - Bill Plympton
LSD A GO GO – Scott Calonico
DYSENCHANTED - Terri Edda Miller
WHEN I WAS A BOY – Matthew Modine
For full description of films visit http://www.mdfilmfest.com/2004/filmguide/openingnight.htm


Closing Night - BAADASSSSS!
Sunday, May 9, 7:00 PM, The Charles Theatre
(1711 N. Charles St.)
Followed by the Closing Night Party

Tickets - $25 (includes the screening and the party)

Mario Van Peebles and Melvin Van Peebles in attendance.

In 1970, an African American filmmaker set out to make a movie by and for black Americans. Though Melvin Van Peebles had plenty of credentials in the white world- successful movies, respected writing, musical composer, etc.- he wanted his new movie to describe a world the movie establishment, and most of white America, new nothing about. He set out to do everything on his terms- developing the script, financing, casting, crew, and even marketing. Against unbelievable odds, every part of SWEET SWEETBACKS BAADASSSSS SONG... reflects its filmmakers’ vision. It was a huge success, ushered in the blaxploitation movement, and lives as one of the unique templates of American movie history.

In 2003, Mario Van Peebles set out to make a movie about the struggle and triumph of his father’s landmark artistic effort. Taking the lead role for himself (who else ?), Mario tells one of the greatest stories about independent filmmaking ever told. It is an amazing adventure. Nothing comes easy; chicanery, temptation, and subterfuge are everywhere; humor and triumph follow danger and disappointment. The thoroughly entertaining result is certainly a tribute to Mario’s father’s historic movie triumph. More important, BAADASSSSS! unsentimentally pays tribute to all filmmakers who have held true to their own artistic vision.


Make sure to check out the Maryland Film Festival Website (at http://www.mdfilmfest.com/2004) for continued updates on the 2004 Maryland Film Festival.

  • Click Film Guide for a list of films playing at this year's festival with a short description. More detailed descriptions are coming soon.
  • Click Schedule to see when the films are playing.
  • You can also now buy tickets online. Click Purchase to see how to buy tickets through Mission Tix.
  • Click Friends to learn about our Friends of the Festival Membership. (Including free admission to Festival screenings on Friday, May 7th before 6:00.)

The Maryland Film Festival would like to thank its Premiere Festival Sponsors:
LIVE! Baltimore Sun, The Maryland Film Office, MGH Advertising


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