M A R Y   N O V A K
embracing change

Art by Mary NovakMy art is a reflection of my personal journey of embracing change - that of sacred transformation.  Evolving the profane into the sacred - as both are a part of the human sojourn.

For me art is a living story in the tradition of our ancient mythological teachings, cave drawings and our connection with nature.  My purpose is to bring the lost stories of the Sacred Feminine into physical form.  By Sacred Feminine I mean reclaiming the teachings of the lunar path, a reawakening of the feminine principle in both men and women, whose essence is intuition, wholistic, psychic, and cyclical patterns.  (Masculine principles being logic, reason, linear and geometric)".

The ancient holy trinity involved the complex archetype of the feminine within human behavior, and is best expressed by the teachings of:  Maiden, Mother and WiseWoman cycles that honor and understanding both light and dark teachings.  My art reveals stories of powerful feminine archetypes such as Fire: Minerva/Vesta/Sehkmet, Earth:  Hathor/Mary/Isis/QuanYin/Yamanja, Water:  Lillith/Kali/Draconia/Medusa and thousands more.  My hope is to help bring back these ancient teachings and mythical stories through my art and to help heal fears of using intuition and divination as our sacred inner guide that is our birthright as human beings.

Art by Mary Novak

Mary Novak
more at http://marynovak.artspan.com/
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