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Ashes to Art Presented by FuneriaFUNERIA Portfolio No. 1 of Handcrafted Personal Memorial Art Launches in Las Vegas April 30
Ashes to Art 2003 Best of Show Artist Earns Special Commission
Here and There: FUNERIA in Paris
Update: Ashes to Art Competitions and Exhibitions

FUNERIA Portfolio No. 1 Launches in Las Vegas April 30
GRATON, CALIF. (April 26, 2004) Advancing its reputation as 'leading the emerging funerary art movement', FUNERIA--an arts agency and exhibitions organizer--is introducing FUNERIA Portfolio No. 1--a special collection of more than 50 original designs in handcrafted urns, vessels, and personal memorial artworks that are intended to hold all or a portion of an individual's cremated remains. Each piece is a work of art in its own right, apart from of its intended purpose, and reflects the highest standards in craftsmanship.

The artworks, available in both open and limited editions, are from a special group of 17 artists. They were selected from among the more than 130 participants juried into either of the two Ashes to Art international exhibitions presented by FUNERIA since 2001. The formal introduction of the first FUNERIA Portfolio is being made during an invited panel presentation at a CANA (Cremation Association of North America) seminar for funeral service professionals at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas on April 30.

The full collection represented in FUNERIA Portfolio No. 1 can be seen by ordering a color catalog on CD from FUNERIA. Also included are bonus images from the Ashes to Art exhibitions in San Francisco and Northern California.  To read the full text, go to:

2003 Ashes to Art Best of Show Artist Earns Special Commission
Responding to the beauty, power and sensitivity of artist Shawn McDonald's Best of Show winning cast bronze 'Flower' from the 2003 Ashes to Art exhibition, a California family commissioned McDonald through FUNERIA to create a larger piece to honor the life of their family patriarch who died in January of this year.  To read the full text, go to:

Here and There: FUNERIA in Paris
FUNERIA was invited to show three original artworks at Salon Funéraire in Paris, November 6-9, 2003, courtesy of Facultatieve Technologies, a technologically innovative cremation equipment, product and services-related company serving global markets. It is headquartered in The Hague.

The three pieces showcased included Chris Rizzo's machined aluminum rocketship urn, 'Untitled #4', Michael Creed's fine wood and painted 'Hand Made' cigar box/reliquary, and an abstract clay and lead sculpture by Parisian artist Jacqueline Trabuc, whose 'Barque' won the Director's Award during the first Ashes to Art exhibition in 2001.  To read the full report, go to:

Update: Ashes to Art Competitions and Exhibitions
A third international Ashes to Art competition and exhibition of fine art and fine craft urns, vessels and reliquaries for funerary ashes is currently anticipated for 2005. To read the full update, go to:

FUNERIA is an arts agency that promotes and sells the work of artists creating beautifully conceived, finely handcrafted urns and vessels for funerary ashes. FUNERIA is an outgrowth of Tannery Creek Press--a publishing company founded in 1992 whose primary focus has been to help individuals write easily about their own life experiences and to honor the lives of those they love.  To read more about FUNERIA, go to:

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