Lenticular Art:
opening and show, NYC

Lenticular Art in large format Premieres at the Proposition Gallery in New York City

Lenticular art opening on Nov. 15, 2002 at New York The Proposition Art Gallery at 559 w 22 st, NYC causes sensation. This unique lenticular art show is currently on display through New Years Day, 2003. This show features works created by innovative NYC artists working in the lenticular field since 1987.

Robert Munn, Sara Cook & M Henry Jones of the Depthography Group (a guild of artists/technologists who create "four-dimensional images") present a display of their work at The Proposition gallery at 559 W 22 St, NYC. These are three-dimensional animating lenticular images. On display are twelve exquisite large format (up to 30" x 40") fine art lenticulars as well as 12 8"x10"s. This unique lenticular art show hosted by Ellen Donahue & Ronald Sosinski, premiered on Nov.15th 2002 and will remain hung through New Years Day, 2003.

These works achieve a technical state of the art unrivaled in the lenticular field.

For Proposition gallery hours, call 212-242-0035, or contact Depthography ongoing at 212-972-9044. For pictures from the opening, go to http://www.depthography.com/prop1.html For more about the artists, go to Robert Munn's bio at http://www.depthography.com/artist1.html and Sara Cook's bio at http://www.depthography.com/artist2.html


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