enchanting impressions

Warringah Printmakers StudioAn exhibition of art prints by the members of Warringah Printmakers Studio as part of a cultural exchange project initiated by GuangDong Chinese Cultural Promotions Pty Ltd. September 3rd to September 12th 2004.

The Warringah Printmakers Studio has been invited to participate in an exciting cultural exchange by the GuangDong Chinese Cultural Promotions Director, Mrs. Kei Ying Wong. The exhibition will be held in the prestigious exhibition hall of the South China Club, Ersha Island, Guangzhou.

The original prints selected for the exhibition reflect the diverse approaches of the artists working at Warringah Printmakers Studio and are produced by the use of safer printmaking techniques such as etching using copper sulphate solution, intaglio photopolymer, linocut, woodcut, monotype and collagraph.

The title of the exhibition, Australia - Enchanting Impressions , was chosen especially by Mrs. Wong. Earlier in the year, Mrs. Wong visited the Warringah Printmakers Studio and thought it was an enchanting experience . Mrs. Wong also kindly offered to welcome a delegation of studio artists to Guangzhou and has organised visits to art galleries and printmaking studios on the 4th, 5th and 6th September as part of the cultural exchange.

The exhibition opening will be attended by important dignitaries including the President of Guangdong Chinese Cultural Promotion, Mr. Ye XuanPing, chief executive members of the Provincial and Municipal culture departments and leaders of the Chinese Arts community. It will be presented as one of the major cultural events in the province of GuangDong during the month of September, 2004.

A grant was awarded to Warringah Printmakers Studio by the Australia-China Council Secretariat to help with the costs involved in organizing the exhibition. GuangDong Province and New South Wales have a sister state relationship and it is hoped that this project will promote enduring cultural links and future contacts.

Warringah Printmakers Studio
Cnr Lovett & Condamine Streets MANLY VALE SYDNEY NSW 2093 AUSTRALIA


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